Bella’s Fruit and Veggie Cake

My two eldest boys are picky eaters, one more so than the other. They don’t eat many vegetables (if any!) and not much fruit.

I have had to start being sneaky, trying to find ways to hide fruit and veggies. This recipe has proven very popular in my household. It is great as snacks, or for lunch boxes.

Bella 🙂

Bella's fruit and veggie cake
Bella’s Fruit and Veggie Cake

1 carrot, grated
1/2 small zucchini, grated

Large handful baby spinach, finely chopped

2 apples, grated

1 pear, grated

2 eggs

40 ml oil

1.5 cup Self raising flour

60 ml milk

1) Combine all grated fruit and vegetables in a large bowl. Add eggs, combine thoroughly.
2.) Add milk and oil to bowl, mix thoroughly. Slowly sift flour through mixture in parts.

3) Add more flour or milk to reach desired consistency (the thicker the mix, the denser the cake)
4.) Pour mix into a large, grease cake tin, or separate into muffin tins.

5.) Bake at about 160 degrees celsius until golden and cooked through.


Cake pops

In celebration of Easter, here is a very yummy (and addictive) recipe

cake pops

1 chocolate cake, crumbled

1/3 tub Betty Crocker chocolate icing
500g chocolate melts, melted

pop sticks or plastic skewers

sprinkles to decorate

1.) Once cake is cooked and cooled, crumble into a large bowl. Add icing, combining through mixture until it has a consistency where it can be rolled into balls. (Be careful though, if you add too much icing, it will start to melt in your hands as you roll, making it too soft to hold shape and hold on to the pop sticks.)

2.) Roll about a tablespoon of mixture into balls.

3.) Dip the ends of pop sticks/skewers into melt chocolate, and place in each ball. Allow time for chocolate to set.

4.) Take each cake pop, and roll through melted chocolate until completely covered. Allow chocolate to set slightly before rolling in sprinkles otherwise they tend to get “absorbed” into the cake, rather than decorate.

5.) Stand each cake pop upright in some styrofoam (available at all craft stores) until completely set. You can also put them upside down into cupcake patty tins, however, they will inevitably get a flat top.

Cake pops can be frozen if they are individually wrapped in cellophane and sealed in an airtight container (that’s if they make it to the freezer!)

You can also get creative and put half a fun-size chocolate in the middle- dip a popstick in chocolate, then push into chocolate. Mould cake around chocolate before following the remaining steps. I personally like Mars bars and Bounty in mine.

Bella 🙂