Simple French Onion Dip

I love to throw parties! Chips, dips, lollies….complete banquets of finger foods.

This very simple dip recipe leaves me more time to prepare other foods, or socialize. It can be quickly whipped up if you have last minute guests arrive for a few drinks.

Best thing, it only takes about two minutes to prepare!

Bella 🙂

french onion dip

Simple French Onion Dip

300g sour cream

35g French Onion Soup packet mix (I prefer to use Continental brand)

1.) Mix sour cream in a bowl until smooth.

2.) Gradually add soup mix to the sour cream, mixing thoroughly . I like the flavour strong, so I tend to use the whole packet, but you can make it to your liking adding more or less dry mix.

3.) Allow to set in fridge for about ten minutes, but this isn’t essential.


If you are feeling creative and want a bit of flair, add some finely chopped chives on top.